(Jism Ka Rishta)

Marc Zuber, Deepti Naval, Aarti Gupta, Soni Razdan, Gulshan Grover Dilip Tahil.

Director - Mahesh Bhatt
Producer – Kuljeet Pal
Writer- Vijay Tendulkar
Music – Jagjit Singh

The setting of the film when it opens is an isolated estate where the husband and wife along with a couple seeking a two-day getaway from urban noise pollution, arrive with found hopes of togetherness. The two pairs are shown in contrast – one pair almost drowned in love and companionship and the other eternally squabbling for no obvious reason. Suddenly the squabbling couple finds out that life can be happy and pleasant and they hold hands and look into each other’s eyes and go away. And the other couple is left to moon over each other in peace.

But life cannot be an unending bed or roses. One fine day the husband discovers that a little fair boy who has no resemblance to the other adivasi children in the estate is his son, a visible proof of his dalliance with an adivasi girl during his lonely bachelor days in the estate. He feels it right to tell his wife about it and very tenderly breaks the news to her. She freezes. At first she tries to come to terms with the situation thinking that this was an event from his past and has nothing to do with his love for her. But gradually she starts to crack up.

This drives the man and makes him repent for his honesty. He tries to make it up to her for a long while but loses his equilibrium when she tells him rather cold-bloodedly that she has decided to abort her pregnancy because the right of bearing his child had already been given by him to the other woman. He returns to the estate, picks up the child and walks off like a somnambulist with the adivasi woman following him like a puppy.