Marc Zuber, Deepti Naval, Divya Rana, Gulshan Grover and Satyan Kappoor

Presented by Capt. B. K. Kohli
Director – B. K. Adarsh
Screenplay & Dialogues – B. R. Ishaara

Shobha (Deepti Naval) had married Rakesh (Marc Zuber) in the teeth of Parental opposition seven year ago. The rich father’s objection was that Rakesh is hard, an unforgiving man who would sacrifice love and understanding for his rigid, self-serving morals. The world of cold, Calvinistic Puritanism which Ibsen portrayed in ‘A Doll’s House’ destroyed human values. The symbol of this egoistic morality, combined with a lawyer’s quibbling sophistry, is Helmer. ‘Aurat’ retains the egoism and rigidity but straightway makes adherence to moral values irrelevant to the wheeler-dealer culture prevailing in our society now. A culture which puts a premium on success however achieved. By implied, stretching of the argument, Shobha’s final revolt and questioning of her husband’s petty morality makes her a devalue of all morality. Except the demands of love which can drive a woman to any potentially, criminal act to safeguard her ‘suhag’.

Though Shobha finally rejects and walks out on Rakesh, it is the old story of glorifying a woman’s capacity for sacrifice, of incriminating herself.