Vijendra Ghatge, Deepti Naval, Suresh Oberoi, Raj Khanna, Meena T., Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Urmilla Bhatt, Rakesh Pandey, Shashi Saxena , Suresh Oberoi

J. D. M International
Producer – J.D.M. International – Jay & Nihar
Director – S. Yusuf
Story & Screenplay – Jitendra Johri
Dialogues – Sharad Joshi
Cinematographer – Ram Chandra
Lyrics – Yogesh
Music – Ravindra Jain

The location is Delhi. There are three young friends living together - Farooque Sheikh, Ravi Baswani and Rakesh Bedi. With a man like Saeed Jaffrey (a paanwallah) to help them there’s nothing to worry. In this picture (left) Farooque Sheikh has an interesting story to tell Saeed. Life is exciting for the three till Deepti Naval comes along. Deepti and Farooque fall for each other. The other two friends, Ravi and Rakesh, are jealous. Mischief is on their minds (below). The film is PLA Productions “Chashme Buddoor”.

Their mischief works. They create serious misunderstanding between the two lovers. Their affair reaches a breaking point for no real fault of theirs. They pine for each other but can’t help it. Ravi and Rakesh soon realize their folly and decide to unite the lovers again. They are helped by Leela Mishra and Saeed in this picture Vinod Doshi and Leela Mishra celebrate the lovers’ coming together. The film has been directed by Sai Paranjpye for Producer Gul Anand lyrics by Indu Jain and music by Raj Kamal are other credits.