Deepti Naval, Uday Chandra, Inayatullah Kantroo, Sudhir Dalvi & Savita Bajaj

Editor, Producer & Director –Tanvir Ahmed
Story – Tagazhi S. Pillai
Screenplay – Tanvir Ahmed, Urmilla Chatterjee
Dialogue – Yaqub Saied & Jaikrit Rawat
Music – Salil Choudhary
Cinematography – Adeep Tandon

In the Kuttanad, the back-waters of Kerala lives Chirutha (Deepti Naval) whose avaricious father wants to marry her off to the first person who can provide the dowry he has asked for. So Koren (Inayatullah Kantroo), a poor laborer who has long loved her, decides to sell himself into bonded labor to the local landlord, the chambran (Sudhir Dalvi) in return for a loan for that amount. The marriage is duly solemnized and the two are fairly happy until the harvest when Koren makes the mistake of asking the landlord his share of the crop (after deducting the loan, of course).

Koren is whipped for his insolence and the incident transforms him into a revolutionary. One night when he is away at a secret meeting, the thambran’s son Chacko (Kalyan Chatterjee) arrives in the hut and attempts to rape Chirutha. Fortunately, Koren returns in time in the ensuing struggle he strangles Chacko to death.
Before he is arrested and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, Koren hands a pregnant Chirutha over to Chathan (Uday Chandra), another youth who has always loved her, albeit silently. He looks after her until Koren returns to take her back.