Deepti Naval, Marc Zuber, Saeed Jaffrey, and Kapil Dev in a Special Appearance

Producer - T.S. Wouhra

It is a delicate human drama, how a rich man settled in England fathers a child he refuses to own. The father (Saeed Jaffery) feels his natural love when the child is being brought up by a charitable organization. By this time the child has developed acute hatred for the word “FATHER”.
The son grows up under social pressure, but is bright young Cricketer (Marc Zuber). He falls in love with a student in the University (Deepti Naval). They have a novel kind of flurry love affair showing real aspects of British University life.

Marc plays test cricket alongside “Kapil Dev” the International Cricket Star; Father has always kept track of his son. The story depicts a natural conflict of Deepti Naval with her father (played by a brilliant actor Gurdial Sira) and what the father of Marc Zuber (Saeed Jaffrey) has to pay to own his son, he disowned.