Deepti Naval, Ritesh Talwar, , Jnanesh Mukherjee & Bhisma Guha Thakur

Producer – Delhi Doordarshan
Director – Tapan Sinha
Camera – Kamal Nayak
Story- Parmender Mitra
Screenplay- Tapan Sinha
Music-Tapan Sinha
Editor – Subodh Roy

The plot of DIDI is woven around Premendra Mitra’s humane exploration of how an innocent young housewife to take to prostitution because of social compulsions. Deepti Naval has been brought into unsought situations and environs to give an exquisite portrayal of Chapla, the helpless woman. The story is narrated through the perspective of a young lad who simply does not know why his father and brother-in-law must frown at the mention of his Didid’s name and why he should be put off in his query by the glum reply: you will know it all when you grow up.

Sinha had to be concise in his telling of the actuality of Chapla’s gravitation to the red light area because it was a one-hour film.

The story revolves around the fate of a country girl, raped and forced through a sequence of unusual circumstances to become a prostitute in Calcutta and is told from the angle of the girl’s younger brother who comes to town with his father in search of the lost sister.

The film has been shot entirely on location in Calcutta 1989