The first Indo-Pak Co - Production

Deepti Naval, Javed Sheikh, Shaffi Mohammed, Behroz
Sabz Wari

Producer & Director - Ghazanfar Ali
Singer - Asha Bhonsale

The film, a “sensitive mature love story about a girl turn between her attractions for two very different men” is directed by Ghazaufar Ali, of Pakistan.

Naashi, a young woman(Deepti Naval) is in love with a handsome youth (Javed Sheikh) and they are about to be married. But she meets an older man. A man who knows how to translate life into words, a man of few words with a dark past. She gradually falls in love with the older man, she finds irresistible. Her boyfriend is shattered. He tries to win his woman back but to no avail. She finds the older man much more endearing. One day she asks him to marry her. He refuses point blank, saying that relationship was okay with him, but marriage is out of the question. She is completely disillusioned and has come to suicidal point. It is the old boyfriend who comes back to her in the end and saves her from self destruction.