Deepti Naval, Suresh Oberoi, Pradeep Verma, Saeed Jaffrey, Chittu Chopra & Parvati Maharaj, Krishna Gould

Producer,Director, Writer: Vinod Pande
Writer-Vinod Pande
Camera – Nadeem
Music- Raghunath Seth
Lyrics-Vinod Pande
Editor- Pradip Roy, Kant Pan

Sometimes ago, the very idea would have been unthinkable. And to have projected the idea on film would have been sacrilege, an insult to Indian sensitivities and moral prejudices the very idea of a married woman having a relationship other than sisterly with another man taboo.
And it took a director, Vinod Pande, in far off England to bring the idea on film. The result is “Ek Baar Phir”, a film with a sensitive story line.

Ek Baar Phir is a small budget film with an unusual theme. The film depicts the conflicts between a movie star and his wife is a satire on the hierarchy in the Hindi filmi world.

As the film unfolds itself in a leisurely fashion, we learn that Mahendra is an arrogant, ruthless, inconsiderate and self centered man. He is unfaithful to his wife and irresponsible in his work.
Kalpana, on the other hand is a tender, soft spoken, sensitive, dreamy kind of a woman far away removed from the dazzling, show business world of her husband. She admires art and poetry. The film goes at great length to emphasise and underline the incompatibility between Mahendra and Kalpana. With her growing discontent with her marriage and her husband, Kalpana meets a young Indian art student Vimal (Pradeep V
erma) who makes exhibition of his paintings and sketching Englishmen.

Kalpana and Vimal hit it out together instantly. With Vimal, Kalpana experiences a joy of living she had never before realized it possible. She discovers how meaningless and empty had been her life with Mahendra so far is. She is torn between her desires and the traditions. She is faced with the difficult choice: to give up Vimal and all the happiness she has discovered in Vimals Company.

The film ends on Kalpana’s taking a bold decision and walking out her husband. How the two lovers are going to face the world together is a mark on which the film fares out.