Deepti Naval, Sachin Khedekar, Sunil Raoh, Ranvir Shorey &
Sunaina Lala

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Producer: Sajitha Prakash
Director - VK Prakash
Script - VK Prakash, Ziba Bhagwagar, Roohi Dixit, Ashvin Naidu, Apurva Kasaravalli and Geetha Thomas
Dialogue - Shiven Surendranath
Cinematographer: K.U Mohanan
Music – Ousephachan (Times Music)
Lyrics - Shiven Surendranath and Shormistha Mukherjee
Editor - Suresh Urs
Art Director - Shashi Adappa
Production - Mohan
Post Production- Krishnamurthy

The film is a rectangular love story. It is set inside a writer's imagination where all his characters reside. He builds characters as he goes along and creates situations where he wants the story to go. He is an inherent part of the story, living with the characters and making appearances in their lives.

The most fascinating character in this light-hearted and entertaining film is the slightly eccentric woman, Ms. Thomas, a beautiful 40-year-old single woman who is always in the eye of the storm. She is a highly temperamental and irritable recluse, disliked by practically everyone around her.

So what makes her such a recluse? The answer lies in her past. She has given up her profession as a doctor due to her failure to save her husband despite being a doctor herself, when he suffers a heart attack in the middle of the night. Now she decorates dead bodies for a living.

Mr. Sunderam a retired bank officer who lives in the same apartment, secretly makes dirty calls to her at night, calls that she waits for, to let her fantasies free. Freaky….. Eh!!!????

He rings her doorbell on the pretext of getting some medical advice on his imaginary illnesses.. It’s clear that she does not think much of him, and repeatedly snubs him, not realizing that he is the one who calls her every night.

There’s also this free wheeling web designer. Her nightly rendezvous with her boyfriend in the balcony of the apartment fascinate Ms. Thomas, albeit through the fish eye of her front door.

Now … to end the monotony of Ms. Thomas’ life, the writer decides to introduce a new character in the story. This new character is everything that Ms. Thomas is not. He is carefree, full of life, happy go lucky and… he is young! The kind of youth who takes everything in his stride. He has the audacity to walk up to her apartment in the middle of the night and ask for a P.G. accommodation. The youth comes in like a hurricane and with his charm, slowly takes over her senses. Here onwards all the other characters gradually melt away. There’s a profound togetherness and happiness. The change in her attitude takes everyone by surprise – the watchman, the web designer and the naughty neighborhood kids. The only character left out is Mr. Sunderam whose phone calls are no longer welcome. As a result his so called illnesses are getting worse. Incidentally this is also when the writer gets more involved with his characters especially Ms. Thomas.

Ms. Thomas is happy in her new found euphoria. The closeness between her and the youth increases and builds. So does the physical proximity. What happens next is a natural transition. By this time the writer is beginning to fall in love with Ms. Thomas. It is now that the closeness between the youth and Ms. Thomas starts troubling him. Being the original creator, it is here that the writer takes childish liberties. Humor builds as the writer tries to create complexities in the youth’s relationship.

The film stars Deepti Naval in the lead role of the forty-year old woman. Other cast include Ranvir Sheroy (a popular VJ on Channel V), Sachin Khedekar (who has played the lead role in Astitva) and Sunil (a Kannada serial and film actor).