Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Deepti Naval, Mukesh Khanna, Vijendra Ghatge

Veetrag Films

It’s a story about a family. A young boy (Shahrukh Khan) is in love with a girl (Manisha Koirala). In an accident the girl loses her eye sight. And during the medical investigation it is revealed that the boy is suffering from a serious disease and is not going to live for very long. His parents are devastated. His mother (Deepti Naval) is a staunch Krishna Bhagt. At this moment of crisis she turns towards the Lord Krishna to save her son’s life. Her husband is a non believer and tries everything possible in the medical field to save his son’s life. But ultimately it is her faith in Lord Krishna that saves her son’s life. But in the process she dies, donating her eyes to her son’s girlfriend. Vijendra Ghatge plays the family friend & a doctor.