A film on sports and sportsmanship

Deepti Naval, Raj Kiran, Nikhil Bhagat, Deepa & Shafie Inamdar

Neo Films Associates
Producer – Pradeep Uppoor, Manmohan Shetty
Director - Prakash Jha
Music – Vanraj Bhatia
Lyrics - Gulzar
Dialogue - Gulzar
Audiography - A.M PAdmanabhan
Script - Gulzar
Editor - Prakash Jha

The story is disarmingly simple. A computer scientist Sandeep Chaudhary (Raj Kiran), who has to wait three months for a coveted job, takes up a job as sports instructor in a school in Ranchi during the interim period between selection and appointment. He finds a hopeless mess – the boys have drifted away from games into other pursuits which include loafing and gambling. His efforts to give sports in the school a short in the arm incur the wrath of some of the teachers, and a student Raghu (Nikil) who has a crush on a pretty young teacher Anuradha Roy played by Deepti Naval.
There is a predictable flowering of romance and a rather dramatic confrontation between the teacher and the student. The teacher wins – not only the loyalty of the erring student, and the love of the pretty school teacher, but also the prestige of the football team against the local champions.

Sandeep Chaudhary (Raj Kiren) is a sports instructor in a school in Ranchi, falls in love with Anuradha Roy (Deepti Naval), the history teacher. This is resented by Raghu, one of Sandeep’s pupils who has an adolescent crush on Anuradha. Raghu instigates the other boys of the school against Sandeep. As a result Sandeep is unable to mould them into a competent football team. Eventually however, he manages to win over Raghu and his friends and even succeeds in getting them to win a football match.