Deepti Naval, Vinod Pandit, Sandeep Gill, Saurabh Shankar

Producer – Kush Bhargav
Director – Sushen Bhatnagar
Editor - Mangal Matoo
Writer - Sushain Bhatnagar

A murder mystery – A quaint little guest house run by a couple – (Vinod Pandit and Deepti Naval). The husband is a painter and the two are very much in love with each other. But at times the wife gets these fits of frenzy and she feels persecuted by images from her past. Images that constantly haunt her. Guests arrive, but strange things happen in the premises. They start getting killed one after the other. Various suspects. Her past silent lover, under the garb of a guest, also arrives on the guest house, to investigate the murders taking place. After a lot of suspence, finally it is revealed that the person killing the people is related to the wife Deepti Naval – he happens to be her younger brother, who she does not recognize. Also her husband’s fascination for the gory, rape, murder, psyches her and in the end she discovers that the man she is in love with and is married to, is the one who had raped her as a child. She kills him in the end and then takes her own life.