Naseeruddin Shah, Farooque Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Leela Mishra
Mallika Sarabhai, Vinni Paranjpe Joglekar, Nitin Seth, T.P Mahadevan, Rita Rani, Gautam Joglekar, Mallika Sarabhai, Tinnu Anand, Jalal Aga, Sudha Chopra, Rita Rani Kaul.

Devki Chitra
Writer & Director – Sai Paranjpe
Producer – Suresh Jindal
Camera – Virendra Saini
Screenplay - Sai Paranjpe
Dialogue - Sai Paranjpe
Music – RajKamal
Lyrics – Indu Jain
Art - Ram Yedekar
Costumes - Ravi Sabnis
Sound Effects - Mangesh Desai
Sound Recording - Narendra

Katha is based on the fable of the hare and the tortoise. But in the modern context the tortoise is a young man Raja and the hare is his friend Basu. Basu keeps ahead of Raja because of his charming personality. He not only becomes the most beloved member of Rajas entire family but he also wins the heart of Raja’s beloved Sandhya. Whereas Raja remains a mere clerk Basu who is adept in the ways of the world becomes senior executive in the ommercial concern and entice the proprietor’s alluring wife Anuradha. However when Basu’s affair with Anuradha is discovered he loses his job. Basu now forsakes even Sandhya who does not think herself to be fit for him. This is a beautiful sentimental film. Along with Deepti Naval, Naseeruddin Shah and Farouque Sheikh and Mallika Sarabhai contribute some beautiful acting.

Rajaram (Naseeruddin S Producer – Suresh Jindal
hah), a simple, caring, warm human being, lives in a chawl, in Mumbai. He secretly loves Sandhya, a pretty, comely, neighbour, but is tongue tied to express love… When his childhood friend Basu (Farooque Shaikh) walks in one fine day, everything turns topsy turvy. With his smooth talk he wins over the chawl people, finagles himself to a job at Rajaram’s office as his superior, seduces Sandhya, and when the going gets hot, he leaves Sandhya stranded at the marriage altar, leaving Rajaram to face the music.