Sahara – 52 Episode Tele Serial
Telecast - September 2003 up to June 2004
2003 - 2004

Deepti Naval, Anoop Soni, Lalit Parimoo, Amit Behal, Rahul Vohra, Bharat Kapoor, Meghna Malik, Achint Kaur & Kiren Juneja

Producer & Director – Ashok Pandit
Writer – Raman Kumar
Camera – Maloy Dasgupta
Music – Tauseef Akhtar
Lyrics – Sameer
Chief Assistant – Priyanka
Costumes – Urmi

Muqammal is about a modern-day Draupadi searching for the perfect man.

Drawing inspiration from Mahabharata, Muqammal claims to be the story of a modern day Draupadi. The protagonist Sumeesha, played by Naval, is a women strong in her values, yet vulnerable in her needs. The story is about how she is attracted towards different men for their various qualities, and of her struggle to change the view about platonic relationships.

What would a woman of our times who has five men in her life, be called? Draupadi? Well, Sumeesha Dev Singh, the central character of “Muqammal” is the contemporary version of the mythological Draupadi. She is in search of a complete man. She shares relationships with five different men, including her husband and relates to each of them on a different level. She loves one particular quality in each of the five men and those five different qualities make one complete man that she is in search of. She is in search of completeness (Muqammal) in a man and in herself.


V.M, who is Sumeesha’s Boss, is a man with a mission, a dream to fulfill. He wants to fulfill his dreams without compromising on feelings and relationships. In his heart of hearts he has immense love and longing for his roots. Sumeesha is in great awe of V.M’s attitude to dare to dream, and she works for V.M to fulfill his dreams and his ambitions.

Anju, who is VM’s wife, is a high society woman who is jealous of her husband’s relationship with Sumeesha.

Jagan, by nature is a philosopher and a deep thinker. He tries to find logic in everything around him. Sumeesha finds comfort in Jagan in her times of difficulty. He is the one who supports and advices her. She seeks his advice in crisis. Sumeesha fondly adores these qualities of Jagan.

Sheena is Jagan’s live in partner, a woman who lives by her own rules and does not believe in the institution of marriage.

Ajit, who is much younger than Sumeesha is a fun loving man full of life and has the ability to make Sumeesha laugh and bring about a change in her mundane life. Ajit’s ability to make her smile is the reason behind Sumeesha’s fondness for Ajit.Their relationship is sensed by Ajit’s wife Amita, who feels that there relationship is just not platonic but physical. Amita is bold and a strong willed woman who confronts Ajit regarding his and Sumeesha’s relationship.

Amita plays Ajit’s ever-suspicious wife who thinks that Ajit has an affair with Sumeesha and does everything on her part to keep them apart.

Ranjan Manchanda is a very practical man. He is somebody endowed with a very calculative mind. By profession he is an accountant and advises Sumeesha on matters relating to finance. Sumeesha likes the accountant nature in him and always seeks advice from Manchanda in matters relating to money.

Karan, is the fifth character in Sumeesha’s life. He is Sumeesha’s husband. The reason for Sumeesha’s fondness for Karan is that he is the father of her two kids and also provides her with stability. By nature, he is a very non-interfering husband, totally embedded in his routine social life. There is lack of communication between both of them.

Sumeesha is a sort of pessimist lacking humor and needs to lighten a bit. She believes more on the platonic side of the relationship rather than physical. But others around her (Karan, V.M., Amita etc…)don’t and therefore she is on the quest to change their view.

Muqammal is a story of inter-relationships. It is a story of every woman in search of complete man in a perfect package. The dialogues are very deep and at the same time very understandable.