Kanwaljeet Singh, Tom Alter, Kalpana Iyer, Prem Mohan, Jayshree T

Cine Pendre
Producer & Director – Anil Tejani
Lyric – Dev Kohli
Cinematography – Vinod Pradhan
Chorography – Vijay – Oscar
Editor – Shambu Prahdan
Sound – Hitendra Ghosh

“PARTNER” is a feeble attempt at imitating the misadventures of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer with Kanwaljit Singh and Javed Khan. Kanwaljit lacks Hill’s insouciant charm. Javed is almost as bulky as Spencer but does not have the latter’s ability to smash everything to bits with an innocent air.

The film tells a far-fetched story. There are two gangs led by “Tiger” (Shakti Kapoor) and “Panther”. Javed plays a police officer who goes incognito, running an undercover operation with the object of breaking up the gangs and terminating the nefarious activities of Tiger and Panther.
Kanwaljit joins the gangs and is busy selling black-market tickets at a theatre. Then a damsel in distress played by Deepti Naval comes to the theatre on a day when the tickets are sold out. She throws herself on Kanwaljit’s mercy. He gets tickets for her and the girl with her. Now things get curio user and curio user. The damsel turns out to be the daughter of a high-ranking police officer. When he learns how Kanwaljit makes his living, he forbids him to see his daughter again and rudely orders him out of the house.

Kanwaljit does make a valiant attempt to go straight but his efforts are counter-productive because the gangs want him back at work. The only high point of the show is Kalpana Iyer’s disco dance.