Amol Palekar, Farooque Sheikh, Parveen Babi, Deepti Naval, Devan Verma, Utpal Dutt

Producer – Rajeev Pandya
Director – Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Screenplay- HRishikesh Mukherjee
Lyrics- kaka Haathrash, Yogesh, Maya Govind
Cinematography-Jaywant Pathare
Editor- Khan Zaman Khan

Amol Palekar and Praveen Babi is the picture of matrimonial harmony. And Palekar has but two interests in life, his work and his wife. Enter friend Deven Verma and Palekar learns it’s time to live life a little. He begins by paying court to his attractive secretary (Deepti Naval).

As this little affair progresses, Palekar finds he is thoroughly enjoying himself. But his lovely secretary is more than a little troubled; especially as she’s in love with Farooque Shaikh and not with her boss. So she decides to make a clean breast of it to his wife (Praveen Babi). And when she does, she’s quite amazed, in fact stumped by Praveen’s reaction. The latter laughs it all off as a joke. Praveen then enters the fray and the situations grow even more hilariously complex.

Wish we could see more of such films.