SCREEN - NOV 5, 1982
There is this man Balraj Tah from London. It was his life-time’s ambition to make a film on the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre. It took him time but-finally with the help and guidance of friends like Gulzar (“who was excited when he heard of my decision to film that historic moment”), Balraj Tah has been successful in almost completing the film. He was also helped in every possible way by his artistes - Vinod Khanna and Deepti Naval play leading roles in this film. In the picture (above) an angry Vinod is seen with a bewildered Deepti. Time passes and tells on Deepti. The harrowing incident leaves an indelible impression on her mind. In the picture below the pain of the past comes back into the life of Deepti. It hurts, Gulzar has written the lyrics and the dialogue.