Farooque Sheikh, Satish Shah, Nina Gupta, Helena Luke, Sudha Chopra, Iftekhar, A.K.Hangal, Javed Khan, Avtar Gill etc.

The Film Company – film released on 25th March 1982
Producer - Dilip Dhavan
Director - Raman Kumar
Writer-Raman Kumar
Lyrics-Javed Akhtar

The film begins with the meeting of poor boy Avinash (Farooque Shaikh) and rich girl (Deepti Naval) in college, egged on by their friends – Rakesh Bedi, Kiran Vairale, Javed Khan, Nina Gupta (her catch phrase “Mein na kehti thi” became quite popular) and Helena Luke – the two become friends and eventually fall in love.

Avinash believes that to earn money than one need is evil and moreover he even practices what he preaches. Geeta is very impressed by his philosophy and his idealism and she leaves her rich father to marry Avinash.

At first they are very happy. Geeta teaches in a school and Avinash works as a proof-reader earning enough to live comfortably. Then Geeta gets pregnant and they feel the need for more money as their requirements go up. In the end Avinash succumbs to the very evil he hated so much and becomes over-ambitious and corrupt. This is in acceptable to Geeta, who still retains some of the idealism they had started out with. When she can’t stand her husband’s moral degeneration any more she walks out.