Tele Serial (13 Episodes)

Deepti Naval, Rishab Shukla, Gufi Paintal

Producer – B.R. Chopra
Director – Ravi Chopra

An emotional drama set against the back drop of the Independence struggle of the late 1940's.

It is a theme about six freedom fighters who are caught in an emotional web when one of them kills a British officer during pre-independence days and all six of them confess to the crime, ready to bear the punishment. But the officer asks who the person is, and instead of giving away the name, they draw lots, like before. The guy chosen is not prepared to die and makes a deal with a fellow prisoner to take his place, his cowardice shocking the rest. Ironically, when India becomes free and they are released, this traitor falls in love with the sister of the man who had willingly taken his place and was hanged to death. What happens then, when she realizes this, is the suspense-filled mystery.