Sanjeev Kumar, Rakhee, Amol Palekar, Rakesh Roshan, Sarika, Lalita Pawaar, A. K. Hangal, Leela Mishra

Producer – B. Nagi Reddy – Vijaya Production
Director – Vijaya Reddy
Story – K. S. Rao
Music – Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics – Majrooh Sultanpuri, Gulzar

Shankarlal and his wife Parvati go around fixing people’s lives. In the course of their wanderings they come across Vina and Aruna. Both are good friends married to non-compatible men. The do-gooders walk into their lives and everything ends well.

Most parents of young boys and girls think that once they get their sons and daughters married, their responsibility ceases. They forget the fact that when two totally strange persons start living together in matrimony for the first time, there may arise conflicts of ideas, interest and opinions, which, if not remedied in time, may assume large proportions and wreck their marriage and ruin their happiness once and for all. At such a time, there must be somebody near them, who, with tact and love can steer clear their lives through the storm and save them from disaster.

Veena, a simple, poor, not so educated and orthodox type of village girl, under strange circumstances gets married to a rich boy Rajesh, who is totally opposed to her in his outlook, which is ultra-modern and whose views about life are totally western! His one obsession in life is that his wife should don modern scanty clothes, go out with him to clubs and parties and give him company in drinking too. In contrast to this, Veena’s childhood friend Aruna, who is not only rich and well educated but also is very sophisticated and publicity-crazy, gets married to a simple middle class boy Madhu, who is an idealistic and principled young man, who wants her to run his house from whatever he earns!

It is but obvious that when husband and wife and such contrasting nature and upbringing come together, there are bound to arise a lot of conflicts, problems and marital bickering between them, to make their lives a veritable hell!

It is at this juncture, Shirman Shankarlal and Shrimati Parvati Devi, an elderly couple enter the lives of the young couples, bringing with them the message of love and sympathy to teach the couples proper values of life and to heal the wounds of their sentiments with tact and tenacity.

Whether they become successful in their mission and why they go on pursuing such a mission in their lives, from the most interesting part of the story of Shriman Shrimati.