Deepti shot her first photographs as art school exercises on an instamatic Nikon in New York city. While shaping a career as an actress, the camera was always kept handy for casual images of landscapes and colleagues at work.

Years later, Ladakh became the catalyst to a serious journey into photography.

In the mid 90’s she bought her Canon EOS 50 and her magnetic drive for the desert Himalayas got frozen in images that amazed a printing lab owner in Bombay who insisted on enlarging the frames to show her the possibilities of an exhibition.

‘Images From A Frozen River’ her second exhibition records a solo trek and has perhaps the most unusual imagery. She is the first non-Ladakhi Indian woman to have walked the Tchadar (Zanskar River) as it freezes in winter.

Future travels promise to be spontaneous and adventurous and the camera a confirmed companion.


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