Abhinav Nayar Analyzes Deepti's Work
Creator of a television serial called Thodasa Aasmaan, Deepti Naval’s sky is vast as it stretches from one horizon of life to another as she dabbles with consummate ease in different media – be it films, direction, scripting, painting, photography, poetry or doing road shows for television channels.

Her work is representative of modern existential conflicts, joys and sorrows, of wearing and tearing different masks for survival. The work encompasses the expression of music of the soul with velvety photographic images and honest experiences of brutality in different spheres of life sometimes through Sylvia Plath-like poetic images. The essential realm of her work, however, remains sublime. Her paintings are self-portraits, including a nude, and belongs to the impressionistic school of art. Be it a lighted lantern hanging in the dark or a woman standing nude by the side of a door, her work is personal yet touches on the universal by the deft stroke of a brush, the skillful use of words, the sensitive lens-eye or the naturalness in portraying different roles as an actress.

Deepti’s hunger for creativity remains insatiable even as she feels that the Hindi films do not have anything to offer a 40-year old actress in terms of roles. Yet this has not disillusioned her as she is busy working on a script, while pursuing her widely varied interests that include a love for books and music.