THE MAD TIBETAN: Stories From Then and Now - 2011

  BLACK WIND - 2004

  LAMHA-LAMHA - 1981



Deepti is a seeker of beauty: an explorer of wilderness. Her poems spring from anguish both within and without. And the visual intoxication of nature. And the burnished loveliness of living. There is a innocence in her writings –
         'I stop the car and watch in disbelief- with what élan, the peacocks cross the street…'
She takes such delight in the visual form. Her own personal spaces shift constantly like words to juice out the possibility of more beauty. Lamha Lamha was her first compilation of Hindi poems followed by the recent ‘BLACK WIND and Other Poems’, containing a collection called ‘The Silent Scream’: poems of pain at observing women at a mental institution. Coming up is a collection of poetry from wanderings in Ladakh. Deepti’s poetic journey has just begun.