FILM FARE - APR 7, 1985

“Being real is very important to me, or I feel I’ll be found out. They’ll know that I’m just faking an emotion.”
Long under-rated the poor man’s Shabana Azmi, Deepti Naval has finally arrived. In the big league of stardom, with a series of excellent performances in small budget films.

Her career, dormant for quite some years, seems now set to do well and the young girl from New York who was struggling on the periphery will soon take over as one of our very best actresses. Having jettisoned some of the silly, commercial films she had earlier signed on.
Recently married to director Prakash Jha, Deepti is one actress who seems to have worked hard on her career. And if she makes the film on Amrita Sher Gill, the painter, which she has been thinking of for some years now, she will do the role of a lifetime.