APR 17, 2004

Deepti's Leela
A multi-faceted personality


Times News Network

In life, as in films, she has always chosen the path less traveled. It’s difficult to pigeonhole her in one category. Actor, painter, photographer, poet – there are many ways to describe this talented lady. At a time when actors were more conscious about their image and chose to do ‘safe’ films, Deepti Naval tried her hand at different genres. Remember Ek baar phir, Katha, Saath Saath, Chashme-e-Baddoor to name just a few?

Of late, there have been two films that did full justice to her talent. Leela (which fetched her an award at the Karachi film festival) and Freaky Charka. “I loved my role in Leela. The character, Chaitali, had so much contradictions and complexities. Similarly, Freaky Chakra was a lot of fun. It gave me a great graph to play,” says the actor who was in Ahmedabad for the inauguration of an exhibition and meetings with her publisher.


But before these crossover films happened, Deepti was on a long sabbatical. Traveling, painting and in a way rediscovering herself. Has she then changed her approach to work? “A lot has changed but I am glad I wasn’t part of the kind of cinema I didn’t want to do”. How difficult was it to say ‘no’ to offers? “Very difficult, because it meant saying ‘no’ to money as well, “she laughs.

Deepti also loves narrating her experiences in traveling and art. From traversing the terrain of Ladakh to going for a frozen river trek, it appears Deepti’s very adventurous. “Not really. I am not into climbing the highest peaks and so on. I basically love to walk and that’s what takes me back to the Himalayan region.”

Same goes for her brush with art. Though she was fond of painting since childhood, it’s only in the early 90s that she took it up with a passion. What are her inspirations? “Life, itself inspires you. Besides I love interacting with other artists. Just the other day I attended an art camp where I met several young artists. It was fun assimilating different experiences.

That, in a nutshell, has been Deepti’s journey of life. Whatever be the medium, it’s the urge to make an imprint on each that sets her apart.

Vijay Soney