JAN 31, 2005

When the arc light fade,
does single-in- the-city turn sinister?

THERE are many who climb the heights of fame, but once the lights fade and the adulation dies down, they are plunged into the depths of loneliness and despair. Some actresses explore the feeling of loneliness within.

Says Smriti Mishra, “ Being an actress can be extremely lonely. Everyone in the industry knows each other for work, so emotional ties are missing. The biggest tragedy in a star’s life is being a star. People forget you too are a person with normal needs.”

Deepti Naval says she strongly believes in the power of the self. “ I am not scared of dying alone. I am more concerned about how I live. The problem with the glamour world is one tends to get caught up with the image. As soon as the image fades, the person is forgotten. Single people especially, need to cultivate their hobbies. Otherwise the walls you live within can destroy you.”

Anju Mahendroo agrees that the glamour world can be very lonely. She believes, “It is not the star who changes, but people’s attitude towards them change. When the starts lose work, people forget them. ”