Through the prism of life emerges ‘THE MAD TIBETAN: Stories From Then & Now’. Each story carries the visual and emotional impact, and vivacity of a film. While Thulli draws you deep into the sordid and bleak life of a prostitute in Kamathipura in Mumbai, The Piano Tuner gently tugs at your heart with music from the piano that Feroze Batliboi once played. Ruth Mayberry inspires with her never-say-die spirit, yet grapples with loneliness. D, The Morning After, Bombay Central, The Mad Tibetan, Premonition, Sisters, Birds, are all life itself – each speaks in a voice that is resonant and alive with the feelings of hope, love, and joy of another day.

Deepti Naval is one of India’s finest actors. With The Mad Tibetan: Stories From Then & Now, her debut anthology of short stories, Deepti waltzes into the world of writing. She is an acclaimed poet, photographer, painter, and director, her sensitivity clearly defining every aspect of her life. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College, New York. She debuted in films in 1979 with the film Ek Baar Phir, and has acted in over sixty films. Deepti is an acclaimed poet and photographer, and enjoys trekking in the remote mountains of Himachal and Ladakh. The Mad Tibetan: Stories From Then and Now is her debut work.