Write ups



It is a face that has felt pain. Yet, the minute she flashes her 100 watt smile, Deepti Naval becomes a person who relishes life. The actress, who was at Natarani for the launch of her second book of poetry Black Wind published by MapinLit, looks stunning in a biscuit brown salwar kameez and stole.

What is the secret of her youthful looks? ‘I’m an incorrigible survivor in spirit. I refuse to let life bog me down,” says she. Multi-talented, Deepti is into writing poetry, painting, photography and trekking, and with equal passion. But writing is what is closest to her heart.

Her take on cinema today: “Indian cinema is finally dealing with the subject of sexuality instead of running away from it and this will help end hypocrisy in society but there is the danger of overdoing it,” she says.

She rues the fact that she is best remembered as Miss Chamko of Chashme Buddoor and her role of a young collegian in Saath Saath. “I was not just the girl next door. Its strange how people only recall Miss Chamko... I have done complex roles.”

Deepti loves a pacy, watchable film like Satya or a Dil Chahta Hai with great music, script, editing and characterizations.

Says the intelligent actress, “I am not an activist”. But several social causes are close to her heart. For instance, she manages a trust in her late fiance’s name for the education of the girl child.