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On the present movie scenario and her passion for writing

Apart from films, you have also delved into poetry and painting. What medium gives you the maximum creative satisfaction?

All three are different forms of art. They are all about enacting from personal experiences. When you want to say something or express yourself, you writer or you paint. However acting is slightly different because it is a director’s medium. I do use my emotions but I am trying to tell something which the director of the film wants me to say. So for me, writing is a very personal experience. I really love writing and have been writing since childhood.

What are your ideas on crossover cinema? How do you react to the present movie scenario?

Crossover films are a wonderful genre of Indian cinema. Especially since it deals with Indians living abroad who are torn between two cultures. A lot can be explored through this genre. I have mixed feelings about the present movie scenario. Though I like the go-getter, focused spirit of today’s young actors, I also feel that films with more substance should be made.

Many actors feel only mainstream and not parallel cinema, can bring about social or political change. Do you agree?

Yes, I do agree with this because of the very simple fact that parallel cinema can never match the exposure that mainstream cinema gets. Although my inclination has always been towards parallel cinema, I strongly feel that a commercial film has a far wider reach. But these days we have movies that are a combination of both, commercial and parallel cinema. We can’t really segregate them into an art or a commercial film. I feel this is a very progressive change.

Any particular role that you would want to portray in films now?

Nothing particular, but I am ready to play any role that has enough meat to bite my teeth into. I am not jumping in for any insignificant roles.

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